Clean Energy

LNG is the way to go when it comes to base load reliability and clean energy!

Mambulao Bay Clean Energy Corporation

The “Mambulao Bay Clean Energy Corporation” (MBCEC) will supply the national grid, Camarines Norte and its neighboring provinces. Utilizing breakthrough technologies, MBCEC is a LNG to CCGT power plant project in Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte. The plant will use Combined Cycle Gas Turbine, with a total capacity of 300 MW. This will further supply the future Mambulao Special Economic Zone of the province, making the Center of trade in southern Luzon up to Bicolandia.

Mambulao Bay, Camarines Norte

Energies commences Feasibility Study for Mambulao Bay 300 MW Natgas power plant

Energies Global Infra commences to undertake its Feasibility Study towards an Engineering-Procurement-Construction contract for its 300 MW Natgas power plant project in Mambulao Bay, Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte.

This was confirmed by Energies PH, Inc. COO Anthony John B. Santos. The Feasibility Study will be conducted by a world-class design and engineering firm. It will start this month of October 2023. 

Energies’ clean energy strategy gains added impetus with the announcement from the Energy Department, stating that “Natural gas, therefore, is seen as a suitable transition fuel by which the private sector investments in this technology will be facilitated as a way to enable the viability of large RE capacity additions and ensure the reliability and security of the power system.” (Statement of the Department of Energy on the Draft Circular on the development of natural gas generation facilities in the Luzon grid in support energy transition, August 25, 2023).

The statement continues, “Getting a minimum percentage of power supply from natural gas, on the other hand, would give the DUs an advantage of taking a competitive price without going through the competitive selection process (CSP).  With the eventual reduction of capacity from coal-fired power plants, natural gas will be the immediate option for the DUs either as baseload, midrange, and peaking requirement because of its flexibility, and with much less harm to environment.”

“This has been much awaited, and is the correct approach in the country’s power development,” said Energies Co-chairman and CEO Antonio A. Ver.

Energies plans to build 1.5 GW of Combined-cycle gas turbine technology power plants in the medium to the long-term, 900 MW of which are in Luzon. Mambulao Bay Clean Energy Corp. Another 300 to 600 MW will replace retiring coal-fired power plants in the Visayas and in Northern Mindanao.