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Energies PH takes conscious efforts to carefully look ahead or to plan, and to get ready to control the results anchored on the systems approach. The overarching policy is Lean Process Thinking.

The planning and controlling processes cover functional areas based on policies that create an environment that promotes innovations. In the production area, we aim to have operating technologies adopting appropriate quality control with an internal system for materials balancing, as well as energy balancing to work towards optimal profits.

In marketing, we want to achieve favorable customer engagement using digital technology. On the controlling aspect, we assure a corporate climate to optimize the extent to which the needs, wants, and expectations of stakeholders are met.

Finance-wise, we aim to lower the cost of funds or protect the required rate of return in order to increase the net present values of expected cash flows and the value of the firm.

Continuing due diligence seeks to get the lowest possible optimal effective cost of debt financing in the face of whatever constraints obtaining in the marketplace. We warrant a strong legal framework for the company at the national and local levels; building cohesive rapport with government agencies and personnel. Labor laws shall be complied. ISO accreditation and credit rating are imperatives for internal processes. Hence, win customer delight!

From the beginning, our corporate mission is to be vigilant in preserving an environment that fosters and delivers reliable, affordable, and clean electric power! Always, the guidance is keeping within the principles of Sustainable Development Goals.

The vision is to become a socially responsible publicly listed firm among the fastest-growing power companies in the Philippines and in the Region in the next decade, where goals of an individual stakeholder, the government and society can be accomplished.

In terms of corporate values, we think globally but act locally in our quest for growth.

Thus, the corporate philosophy goes beyond efficiency and effectiveness in running our business. In short, to grow, Grow, GROW sans leaving our stakeholders behind.