Climate Sustainability Strategy

Bislak River Restoration

On-going Bislak River Restoration, Vintar and Bacarra, Ilocos Norte

Mambulao Special Economic Zone in Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte

Master Planning Stage 1 by Nippon Koei Engineering Consultants.

"The Batangas Climate Sustainability Strategy©

focuses on river restoration and flood control civil infrastructure to effectively mitigate the risks of inundation and dangerous landslides in the CALABARZON Region. With its 88 rivers, Batangas becomes vulnerable to the impact of monsoon and typhoons pouring heavy rainfall that drowns the Region and Metro Manila

To jumpstart, private sector initiative desilts and dredges waterways, swamps, creeks, dams and rivers. Official development assistance builds civil infrastructure and massive flood control pumping, drainage and sewage systems.

The Master Plan for agricultural lands reaching 317 hectares consolidates food processing plants and logistics hubs guaranteeing food security in the entire Batangueno and throughout southern Tagalog; and a utility-scale solar power plant energizes the Special Economic Zone that can operate an international seaport to expand domestic and international trade.

"The Masbate Climate Sustainability Plan©

is anchored on food production and electricity in an off-grid island that combines cattle and dairy farms with sugar plantations, and innovates renewables from Tidal power and Microgrid solar power plants, battery energy storage and hydrogen fuels.

"The Catanduanes Climate Sustainability Project©

The 12th largest off-grid island province, the Abaca capital, rugged and mountainous, most progressive province in Region V in Human Development index yet faces the rigors of the Pacific ocean. Power demand is concentrated in 70% of the island’s southern corridor. Maqueda Channel offers Tidal power resource and Microgrid infrastructure. Solar power is forecasted at 30 MW.

Catanduanes in the typhoon belt facing the Pacific Ocean.